Do You Have What It Takes
to Be a Minds Matter Student?

Minds Matter students are determined, focused and hard-working.

Each student understands the power and potential of higher education.

Our students dedicate every Saturday during the school year – for three years – in order to ensure they achieve their own "personal best" acceptance into higher education.

Do YOU have "Minds Matter potential"?

Are you going to be a sophomore in the fall of 2017?

  • Do you have ... and will you commit to maintain ... a strong overall grade point average of B+ or higher?
  • Is your family income less than $25,000? (based on a family of four)
  • Are you currently active in extracurricular, community activities and/or a part-time job?
  • Will you commit to spending your Saturdays (September through May) working with your tutors and mentors?
  • Are you willing to push yourself to reach your highest possible academic potential and prepare yourself for college success?
  • Will your parents give their approval and active support throughout the 3-year program?
  • Would you like to experience college by attending academically challenging summer programs at top universities across the country – all expenses paid?

How Does Our Program Work?

Students are admitted to Minds Matter as sophomores and continue on, until the end of their senior year.

Each student is paired with two mentors, each year. Whenever possible, the goal is to build relationships with the same mentors, over the three-year program. Each student works closely with their two mentors to complete rigorous academic coursework, receive guidance on the college admissions process, help in applying for financial aid – as well as support in developing independent life skills, essential to college success.

Students also attend academic summer programs at leading collegesFREE OF CHARGE. These exceptional, mind-expanding programs are offered by colleges and universities here in Chicago, as well as around the country. On occasion, there are opportunities around the world. These programs are designed to prep future college students for life in higher education and are paid for through the generosity of Minds Matter donors.

Saturday Sessions

Our students attend Minds Matter sessions every Saturday during the school year (with a few exceptions for holidays).

This commitment is required in order to complete the program. Given the intensity of this commitment, Minds Matter only admits high-achievers with strong determination to attend college.

Mentee Spotlight

Eduardo Britto

Eduardo Britto is our Student Honoree for 2016-17 Academic Year

Eduardo is a senior at Phoenix Military Academy.  He’s excelled throughout his time at Minds Matter Chicago, in addition to studying at Milwaukee School of Engineering and Northwestern University after his sophomore and junior years. Eduardo has been accepted to an amazing 10 out of 11 schools to which he applied. AND he has won a full scholarship to the city colleges of Chicago. Bravo! He intends to study business. With all of his drive and hard work, Eduardo is building an incredible future. Join us in wishing him all the best in the years ahead!

If you have Minds Matter potential, we'd love to meet you!